A joint production of Factory Berlin and videographer Alex Bravo, Lifework is a documentary-style video series featuring Factory Berlin’s community of entrepreneurs and creatives. I led this project from concept and preproduction through execution and delivery to measuring impact.

I handpicked and interviewed the three main characters who opened up about the personal aspects of work and used the power of storytelling to engage the audience with the Factory brand. Each episode follows a Factory member’s journey through lifelong motivations and serendipity to demystify success by examining failures, struggles, and regrets.  

We meet a hopeless creative with a dozen side projects, a businesswoman determined to disrupt an industry, and a once-failed founder who didn’t think twice about starting up again. For some people, a passion project manifests their purpose in life: their lifework. This is the core of the stories we tell through this video series.

Lifework I Ben Southam

Lifework | Lisa Lang

Lifework | Alex Weidauer 

Video: Alex Bravo