A joint production of Factory Berlin and videographer Alex Bravo, Lifework is a narrative web show featuring entrepreneurs and creatives from Factory Berlin’s community that launched with three episodes in 2017.

In the style of Netflix’s popular Chef’s Table, in each short film the audience meets and follows a Factory member on their journey through lifelong motivations, serendipity and personal philosophies. Each episode has the ambition to demystify success by examining failures, struggles and regrets.  

When concepting the show, we aimed to use the power of personal stories to have our audience engage with the Factory brand. In order to produce captivating content, we handpicked the three main characters who opened up about the personal aspects of work.

Leading the production from creating the concept, to production, marketing, and measuring impact, Lifework is definitely the project I’m most proud of so far.


A hopeless creative with a dozen side projects. A businesswoman determined to disrupt a whole industry. A once-failed founder who did not think twice about starting up again. What do they have in common? They wouldn’t let anything come between them and their passion.

For some people, a passion project is the manifestation of their purpose in life. Their lifework. This is the core of the stories we tell with Lifework—a narrative web show, featuring entrepreneurs and creatives from Factory Berlin’s diverse community.

Lifework S01E01 I Ben Southam:

By day, Ben Southam works at SoundCloud in the localisation team. Next to his daily job, he’s managing large-scale creative side projects—purely out of passion.

He’s always felt like his calling has been in a performance setting. See how he applies his project management skills from work to write musicals, do theater, and create an album.

Lifework: S01E02 I Lisa Lang: 

“Would I have?”…“What if?”… These are questions Lisa Lang never wanted to ask herself. In 2014, she quit her full-time job to pursue a passion project.

Being a woman in a male dominated environment, fashion has always been an armor for Lisa. Her company, ElektroCouture, is the first ready-to-wear fashion technology brand that creates smart clothing for both women and men.

We visited Lisa in her Kreuzberg office, which might look like a standard fashion designer atelier at first glimpse. Until someone switches a plug on.

Lifework: S01E03 I Alex Weidauer: 

For Alex Weidauer, passion and work mean the exact same thing. In fact, he describes himself as a workaholic, who’s hustling for the thrill of it. The impact he sees in what he does keeps him going.

Alex’s first company failed. He’s one of those entrepreneurs who celebrate failure instead of mourning it. So he started up again. And again. His current company, builds intelligent interfaces and conversational AI, and works towards a greater good: to allow people to work less and bring more value to whatever they do.


Videography: Alex Bravo