Factory Berlin Events

Fireside Chat with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. Ford Mobility Hackathon. Diversity & Entrepreneurship Summit. The Official Berlin Web Week Party. Countless workshops with Google for Entrepreneurs.

In 2016 alone, Factory Berlin hosted 315 events.

Heading up content, I was also steering Factory’s event marketing efforts, working closely with the in-house design team, as well as freelance photographers and videographers.

My main learning from this experience was that no matter how amazing your events may be on paper, you will need a proper event marketing strategy to build visibility and awareness, and ultimately drive tickets sales.

In order to achieve that, we integrated an interactive events calendar to Factory’s website, came up with solid campaign ideas for social media and email marketing (including Facebook and Eventbrite events, landing pages, teasers, hashtags and paid campaigns), mastered live video broadcasts via Periscope and Facebook Live, and partnered with numerous other brands and influencers in order to maximize reach. We also repurposed event content as blog posts, podcasts and videos.